Membership Benefits


Welcome to the SA Childcare Association!

Becoming a member has many advantages:


The SA Childcare Association gives the following indirect benefits:

  • Franchise model support.
  1. Association membership means you have a competent support and business system similar to a Franchise. But without the payment of 10-12% of turnover for monthly Franchise fees.
  2. It is a researched fact that Franchises do much better in the marketplace because of their proven business systems and quality control.
  3. National Branding is available that will create more referrals and new children entering your school.
  4. You have the advantage without the franchise fees!
  • Support and guidance on business, operations and regulatory issues.
  • Parents are more positive towards schools that are part of a group. Parents are more inclined to enroll their children in a School where there are proven minimum requirement and who subscribe to certain norms and standards as is with an Association school. Association schools are evaluated and registered with a recognized Organisation.
  • Savings on products and services. We constantly negotiate for discounts or lower prices on products and services needed for your business.
  • Networking with other providers sharing common interests and concerns.
  • Leadership opportunities through Area Committee and Advice Board involvement.
  • Representation at the Department of Social Development and Local Government to ensure regulators and legislators understand how their decisions affect the child care industry.
  • Information – Notification on impending legislation and regulation changes. We also identify any opportunities or threats that could influence your school.
  •  Self regulation of Industry to minimize unregistered and non-compliant Schools


  1. Annual Association Registration

The SA Childcare Registration Standards promote excellence in child care settings.  The standards are based on current research and best practices focusing on outcomes related to children, staff, families, and communities. Through our registration process, member Nursery Schools demonstrate that they meet certain standards of excellence.

Membership criteria and requirements:

Minimum requirement to qualify for membership:

  1. The school has to be registered according to the Amended Children’s Act (Act 38 of 2005 as Amended in 2010) OR has to actively be in process to be registered.
  2. The member school has to adhere to the Norms and Standards of the Children’s Act.
  3. The staff has to attend at least two formal in-service training courses per year.
  4. Members have to do at least two evacuation mock drills with all staff and children per year.
  5. Member’s school buildings, toys and playground equipment should be kept in good order.
  6. Member’s schools must display their SA Childcare Association Registration Certificate and also the prescribed Association branding.

Code of conduct:

  1. Member Schools will conduct their business honestly and ethically.
  2. The well-being of the children in their care will be the highest priority.
  3. They will focus on a positive environment with positive input and a positive learning experience for the children.
  4. They will abide by the applicable legislation and regulations prescribed for their function

Registration Certificates issued is only valid for the year of issue.

  1. All Relevant School Documents
    • Prospective parent information pack with contracts and parent “Expectations” booklet
    • Parent Contracts
    • Staff Contracts
    • Sample Menu’s
    • Sample Daily Program etc.

You have to request the documents you need from our office.

  1. Online School Management System

The SA Childcare Admin System is an online, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn pre-school /After School Child Care Administration system. With our system you can quickly and easily enrol children and their parents.


Our system is specifically designed to be user-friendly and easy-to-understand. It also includes statements and invoices but is not a financial system.

Our system can help you quickly and easily generate all those class lists, attendance registers and other useful lists and reports that currently take you hours to keep up-to-date in a spreadsheet program.  You will be able to create professional looking invoices and statements with your logo and email them directly to your parents.


Do you really know how much money is outstanding? Let our system tell you at the click of a button!

  1. HR/IR Service Rendered and The Cost Structure Applicable
    • 24-hour internet/e-mail access to SA Childcare for advice and/or assistance in any Labour / HR / IR related matters.


  • Telephonic advice regarding all above mentioned aspects during office hours (08h00 to 16h00) from Mondays to Fridays;


  • Professional assistance with internal HR and Disciplinary matters, such as the
  1. compiling/updating and or amending of Contracts of Employment according to the BCEA.
  2. chairing and the issuing of warnings.
  • chairing of counselling sessions.
  1. conducting/handling of internal meetings based on operational requirements
  2. the developing, amending and or the implementing of rules, regulations and procedures,
  3. negotiations with Employees/ Trade Unions, etc.
  • retrenchment of employees where possible


  • SA Childcare will handle all Disciplinary Inquiries, which will include but are not limited to the following, the:
  1. issuing of a Suspension document
  2. issuing of a Notification document to the alleged Accused;
  • chairing of a Disciplinary Hearing;
  1. compiling of evidence;
  2. completing of the documentation of the Inquiry (which include the issuing of an outcome/penalty);
  3. completing and compiling of the Dismissal Letter and a Certificate of service.


  • SA Childcare will review existing Policies and Procedures and advise the school/academy, should any changes and/or new Policies and Procedures be developed and or implemented, according to the Company’s requirements and legislation in place.


1.6     SA Childcare will assist the client with any CCMA/ Bargaining Council and/or Department of Labour matters. (keeping in mind the legal requirements thereof)




The following cost structure will be applicable to all Nursery Schools and similar businesses:


2.1 Non-members:


  • All internet, email and telephonic enquiries as captured in clauses 1.1 and 1.2 above, are for
  • All services rendered as captured in clauses 1.3 to 1.6 above, will be rendered at:
  • Hourly cost; R 450 per hour or part thereof, calculated to the nearest quarter of an hour.
  • Travelling cost; R3,50 per kilometer traveled, outside a 15km radius from the office.


2.2 Members:


  • All internet, email and telephonic enquiries as captured in clauses 1.1 and 1.2 above are for free. This includes all standard required statutory documentation (i.e. a contract of employment as well as the appropriate forms required)


  • All services rendered as captured in clauses 1.3 to 1.6 above, will be rendered to members at a preferential rate of:



  • Hourly cost; R250 per hour or part thereof, calculated to the nearest    quarter of an hour.
  • Travelling cost; R2,50 per kilometer traveled outside a 25km radius from the office.


In sharing the above, SA Childcare wants to thank all its members and non-members for the relationship created and crafted to date and as a trustworthy, caring partner, we are looking forward to an ongoing relationship, rendering you, the client, a service of excellence.


Contact Hans van Rensburg at the head office on 012 520 5012 / 082 551 5971 or email him


  1. Internship – Placement of ECD Students

Participation in our Internship program.  We advertise in your area and the CV’s of candidates will be emailed directly to you. You can then interview and select the best candidate to do their practical training at your school for two years.  They will be registered students with us and will be studying part time for their SAQA NQF 4 Early Childhood Development Certificate whilst doing their internship with you. You pay for their studies and also give the student a monthly stipend.  On completion of their two years, you may or may not employ them.

  1. National Helpline (Telephone & Email)

E-mail information requests or clarification on any relevant question must be sent to

You may also phone our office at 012 – 520 5012 for telephonic assistance. This service is only available during our office hours.  Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:00.

We also have a Chat Facility on

  1. Ombuds Committee – School / Parent Grievances

             Ombudsman Complaints Procedure

Parents and Schools feel safe and protected by our complaints policy and Independent Ombuds Committee.

  1. Any person may refer a complaint to the Convener of the Ombuds Panel by e-mailing it to
  2. Such complaint will not be dealt with unless proof is given that the Complainant has tried to resolve the issue with the teacher involved and upon not being satisfied, escalated it to the Principal/owner to resolve. If it could not so be resolved, the complaint will be dealt with by the ombudsman and/or ombuds committee.
  3. No complaint will be accepted by the ombudsman if the complainant has published the complaint or the issue on any Social Media platform.
  4. The Convener shall decide who will deal with the complaint, inclusive of the option that all panelists deal with a specific complaint (hereafter the reference will be to “the Ombudsman” irrespective of which panelist deals with the complaint).
  5. On receipt of the complaint, the Ombudsman may wish to contact the Complainant in order to clarify the issue/-s of concern.
  6. The Ombudsman will then give the member Nursery School against whom the complaint has been lodged an opportunity to respond in writing to the complaint.
  7. Following the above-mentioned steps, the Ombudsman will follow whatever procedure he or she deems necessary to arrive at a decision about the complaint, provided such procedure is consistent with natural justice.
  8. Preferential Listing on our Website

Our website affords Association schools preferential listing when a potential Nursery school parent does a SA Childcare Website “search” for Schools in a specific area. We always prioritize the promotion of Association members especially on our website and on Social Media.



  1. Nursery School Web Page

We provide you with an Internet web page.  We will host a web page for you from our site with your school information; photos and contact details that must be provided by you.

If you have a website, we can link your website to our website search function for parents searching for a Nursery School.

Periodic member exclusive advertising will be published on our website to focus public awareness on the Association Nursery Schools.

Schools have to apply for this service.

  1. Social Media – Advertising of Vacancies and Other

Vacancies and other advertisements can be placed on our Facebook Page or advertised on Whats App groups.  CV’s of candidates will be emailed directly to you.


  1. Training and Conference Discounts

Association Members receive a 10% discount on all short course training and conference fees. This does NOT include full qualifications.


  1. Pulse Visit and Report

We will visit your school on request and issue you with a status report of the functioning of your school.  The purpose of this visit is to be your sound board and give constructive comments.  Only one visit per 12-month cycle – exclusive for Platinum Members.


  1. Corporate Image

We supply corporate items which will display a uniform Association Branding at Nursery Schools.  This corporate image will identify Nursery Schools country wide as Association Members.

This Association Image will not in any way replace your school name and / or school theme.


  1. Accounting Services

We offer you full service Debtors, Debt Collecting and Cash flow statements. This is a paid for service at preferential rates.  More information and pricing available on request.


  1. Legal Services

As part of your package you receive the following Legal Services:

  • Unlimited phone calls to our attorneys.
  • 1st consultation (1st hour) free – after that, preferential rates apply.


  1. Health & Safety Audit

We offer you Health and Safety Audits.  This is a paid for service at preferential rates.  More information and pricing available on request.



We welcome you as a member of SA Childcare Association and congratulate you on placing your Nursery School a cut above the rest!


Anton van der Merwe



Download the Documents below for more Information:

SACCA Executive Summary

SACCA Association Benefits

SACCA Membership Options – Platinum

SACCA Registration Form

SACCA Membership Information


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