enrol now for 2024

Nicole Minnie

I’m truly grateful for the knowledge and support you have given me through this time, I’m so excited to further my studies through you

Govindammah Harisunker

Wonderfully empowering.. Best support system Thank you so much for an efficient course. I would have loved to share an incredible video, but I am unable to record one properly. I will certainly recommend this medium of study to anyone needing a one-on-one supervised course.  Brilliant study materials and amazing motivation..

Jenny de Klerk

I had fun, was motivated, the course was not too hard, and assistance was excellent. Thank you Abba Health Ill definitely refer you to my friends.

Monica Mnguni

Studying with ABA was a great journey for me, the support I got while doing the modules was exceptional, they made studying and working so easy.

Samira Tayoob

Everyone has been extremely helpful I can call 100 times a day and someone is always there to help me I feel so supported.