Nursery School Association


 Nursery School administration and accounting system

The SA Childcare system is an online, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn pre-school / crèche / child care administration and accounting system. With this system you can quickly and easily enrol children, staff and parents, print many different types of lists, registers and reports and create professional looking invoices and statements. The system we use is specifically designed to be user-friendly and easy-to-understand. It also has a powerful accounting system.

Updated contracts and documents for parents/staff etc

This is a compilation of all document; Registration forms, payment agreements, contracts, reports etc that is used at a Partial Care Centre.

It comes on a CD/memory stick or can be downloaded from our website. Branded with your logo and School information. Free updates for 12 months included.

 Labour relations assistance

Assistance with Labour related function and situations in your School.

All formwork, methodology and information given according to the Labour Relations act. We help you to follow the correct procedures as not to put you or your business at risk.

Website advertising on site/ own info page

We will list your School on a powerful search engine incorporated in our website. Parents looking for a Nursery School in a specific area can search Schools by Town, suburb and area. Your School will come up if your area is searched, with all your basic information, a Google map of your physical address as well as directions to your school from the GPS position the parent searched.

Clicking on your school name will open your own full page with pictures of your school, age groups, program focus and any other information you want to publish.

 Full bouquet of products; (NB Only from 1 May 2015)

All the above plus:

*Network Association

Network associates will receive 20% discount on all short course training and workshops. (Seta courses excluded)

 * ITC

Network associates will be able to access and print ITC reports on fee payers at registration or when in default. (T&C’s apply)

 *Arrear payment function

Network associates can use the arrear payment system whereby we will contact late payers and collect late fees.

 *Call centre

Network associates may call for any enquiry in connection with visits of officials, inspectors, and people wanting to render a service or product, purchasing products, training providers, crises management of any kind.

Also for information on “Crèche” Hoppers, people not paying fees, migrating to new schools when entry to current school is denied.

(T&C’s apply