In this section of the file the completed contract of service will be reflected as well as the confidentiality agreement part, applicable to all staff members in the Nursery environment.Copies of the following different types of contracts are available and are included in the toolkit:

  • Permanent contract: – this contract is used if an employee is to be appointed on a permanent basis and the documents is attached hereto as Annexure B (1).
  • Fixed term/temporary contract; – See Annexure B (2).

This contract is used when an employee is to be employed on a temporary basis. The contract has a definite starting and end date. This type of contract should only be extended at one/may be two occasions during its duration period and should not be for longer that a 9 and or 12 months period.  During this period the employer can ensure, that he/she.

  • Has got the knowledge and experience to fulfil the job successfully.
  • Will/can fit in with the organization culture.
  • He/she have got a good working relationship with the rest of staff.
  • And or the position is required/needed by the school.

When the employee/position is needed at the end date of the contract, the employee should be issued with a permanent contract.If a temporary contract is to be terminated before the end date, the termination letter attached hereto as Annexure B (2) (1) should be compiled and submitted, a week before the contract finally ends, in line with the contents.Included in the kit is the Temporary contract for foreign employees – Annexure B (2) (2) and the Letter of confirmation – Annexure B (2) (3) enabling the employee to apply for a working permit.  Also attached hereto, is the document – “The Immigration Act and Regulations” – Annexure B (2) (4)Casual contract: – See Annexure B (3)This contract will be signed if an employee is required to work in a casual capacity (only one or two days)

  • Contract for an Independent contractor; – See Annexure B (4).

This contract is used for contractual purposes only and the person is basically working for him/herself.

  • Addendum to current contract of service; See Annexure B (5).

This document is used when changes are applicable to the current contract of service. It is vital important to ensure that the right type of contract is implemented for the right position and the right purpose.