A Copy of a leave form and how it should be managed is available and attached hereto as Annexure E (1).

All leave applied for and allocated, using the correct leave form, properly signed by the staff member, should be used, and captured in this section. Although leave allocated is only a peace paper, it has a financial implication for/to both parties and is therefore very important to be managed properly. 

  • Annual leave:

Most schools are closing over the December holiday period and normal annual leave should therefore be taken over the December period. Employees with accumulated leave to their credit, are entitled to take leave during the year.

The leave form however is to manage leave in general which includes sick -, unpaid -, maternity leave etc.

Leave should be properly managed, and a leave roster should be compiled at the beginning of the year, assisting, and assuring that all staff members are being treated fair and equally if it comes to the taking of leave during the year.

  • Sick leave:

Sick leave should be handled in line with the BCEA and according to the service contract in place.

If an employee is not entitled to sick leave and or he/she exhausted the number of sick leave days allocated during a specific cycle, such leave must then be regarded as unpaid leave.

Employees according to the BCEA, will be entitled to 2 days of sick leave without submitting a sick note. If the taking of the two days leave becomes a habitual issue, the Employer will be entitled to request a sick note, for 2 or fewer days, going forward.

  • Family Responsibility leave:

The granting of such leave should be handled in line with the BCEA.

Employers are entitled to ask for proof, before granting such leave, up to the maximum of 3 days per year.  (Doctor’s note, death certificate, etc.)

  • Other leave:

 All other leave legislated and documented, is to be handled in line with the BCEA and or as per the service contract completed and signed