Several policies and procedures are available, and each school should at least have copies of the following policies in place:  

  • Disciplinary Code –  The code is captured in Part 2 of the Toolkit (IR Part) – See Annexure 1.
  • Smoking policy – The document is attached as Annexure G (1).
  • Cell phone policy –  See Annexure G (2)
  • Behaviour Management Policy – See Annexure G (3)
  • HIV/AIDS – Please see Annexure G (4)
  • Study and Bursary policy –  See Annexure G (5)
  • Bursary Agreement –  See Annexure G (5) (1)

The type of policies required will differ from school to school and if the need exists, for other types of policies to be implemented, (i.e., sexual harassment, etc.)  such policies can be compiled and implemented.