• Banking particulars:

Proof of the individual’s banking details required should be included, and captured in this section.
Normally a letter or proof from the bank (capturing the logo and or a stamp of the bank) is required and filed here.  
 If banking details are changed, a new copy is required. He/she must submit the document to the school, ensuring that the staff member’s salary is being forwarded to the right account for the right person.

  • Payslip management:

If the school does not have a pay system and payslips in place, attached please find a copy, indicating what a payslip should look like.
Record keeping of payslips, to prove that the payment of the employee was handled correctly, is of vital importance and is filed under this section of the file.
Copies of at least twelve month’s pay slips should be filed and available if audited by the DOL.
A Draft copy of a payslip is attached hereto as Annexure H (1).

  • Timesheets, Overtime payment etc:

Timesheets and proof of overtime worked are very important and were also handled in point 3.4 above.
Proof that overtime was scheduled and approved by the appropriate management member(s)is important and copies of such proof should be captured in this sub-section of the file.
Attached hereto as Annexure H (2), please find a copy of the overtime approval document.

  • Salary scales/minimum wage payable to employees:

At the Department of Education, employees are employed on a specific scale, depending on the qualifications and experience of the incumbent.
In the ECD (Early Childhood Development) environment, there are no scales applicable at this stage, and nursery school owners should familiarize themselves with the salaries paid by other nursery schools in the area.
All nursery schools must however comply with the minimum wage as prescribed by the Minimum Wage Act, No. 9 of 2018.
From the 1st 0f March 2023, the act was amended and the new minimum wage payable to all workers changed to R25.42 per hour and or R4956.86 per month (195 hours per month).
Adhering to this legal requirement, schools might have to change the Contract of Service of the individual, to ensure legal compliance at the end of the day.
An Addendum to your current contract of service form is compiled and captured in the toolkit as Annexure B (5) under section B, assisting schools not to replace the original Contract of Service.