• Rules and regulations:

The school’s safety and security rules, shared and signed by the employee(s), should be filed in this sub-section of the personal file.

Included in this document should be:

  • Who is responsible for the safety and security of the school.
  • What is the role of the responsible person/party?
  • Is the right documentation in place?
  • Is he/she aware of the rules and regulations of the school etc.?


  • Appointments and responsibilities:

The different appointments, signed and accepted by the individual(s), should be captured. It is of vital importance to determine, who will be appointed as:

  • Safety Representative – An appointment letter for such a person is attached hereto as Annexure I (1) This appointment(s) is only necessary when 50 or more staff members is employed by the school.                                                                                                          
  • First Aider – This position’s appointment letter is attached to this sub-section as Annexure I (2) This appoint of this position(s) is necessary for all schools.
  • Fire Fighter/Evacuation Officer –   This appointment is also necessary for all schools.  Even if the school is small the rules and regulations for the person responsible, should be in place, noted and signed for, to ensure the safety of the teacher(s) and the children at the school. Attached to this sub-section as Annexure I (3)
  • Security Officer – The person responsible for the security part of the school. Normally this role is fulfilled by an external security company. If it is the role of an employee, the rules and regulations around the function must clearly be captured, shared, and signed for by the responsible person. If an external company is responsible for the security function, they should provide the owner with the detail, to be included in the safety plan.